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Learning Opportunities

The student will be attached to the trauma team, which is part of the hospital’s general surgical department. They will be involved in the daily activities of the trauma team, which include ward rounds, operating lists and clinics. Teaching during the elective shall be carried out during such sessions and also during formal tutorial sessions with the university’s undergraduate programme. We encourage enthusiastic participation in both emergency and elective work. Students are also encouraged to join the team when the team goes on duty.

Postings and exposure to other surgical disciplines or sub-specialties can be arranged depending on availability vacancies. For example, Emergency Department, Anaesthesiology, Surgical Intensive Care etc.

Research and publication opportunities abound for interested students. There are usually several research projects that students can participate in.

Education opportunities with regards to the Singapore way of life and the various recreational retreats in the region will also be available.

An introduction to the cuisine and culture of Singapore and South East Asia comes complimentary with each posting.

Elective Details

No. of Students Accepted  Maximum 2 students (local & overseas) at any period
Duration of Elective  4 – 6 weeks consecutive
Accommodation  To be arranged & funded by student's goodself
Fees Payable  Upon acceptance, application fees apply (to be advised by Pre-Professional Education Office). All other expenses like lodging, food, transport etc are self-funded by students. 
Applicant Requirements  
  • Applicants should have completed or are in the process of clinical level of medical school (4th year & above)
  • Have preferably completed clinical postings in General Surgery, General Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery (1 surgical posting prior to elective)
  • From an institution on the list of universities accepted by Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Refer to list in SMC’s webpage titled LIST OF REGISTRABLE BASIC QUALIFICATIONS.
  • Foreign students must hold Work Holiday Pass (WHP) with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Refer to link for more information.
  • The OMS electives programme must be based on official school sanctioned electives (ie, part of the school's curriculum) and not self-arranged during their vacation. Non-school sanctioned electives do not have malpractice insurance coverage and applicants are required to provide official school letter/statement for verification. 
  • Foreign students requesting for attachment must submit their application at least 8 monthsin advance via NUSportal.

How to Apply?

For Singapore universities, please email your application to Pre-Professional Education Office (PPEO) at Sazlina Mohd Sazali or Daryl Pang with the following items:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of good standing or support from training institution
  • Period of attachment (start & end dates)
  • Objectives of attachment
  • Previous attachment experience
  • Current year in Medical School

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