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  1. To encourage health profession (HP) students to help those who are less fortunate in developing countries, PPEO is offering a travel grant to students who volunteer in such community projects.
  2. Grant provided by TTSH is intended as a form of financial assistance to the applicant. It may not cover all expenses that arise and the applicant may expect to incur some expenses on his/her own.
  3. The grant is intended to assist the applicants to cover a portion of the following expenses:
    1. Airfare;
    2. Out of Pocket expenses (e.g. meals, lodging, transport from/to lodging and to/from venue of project);
    3. Travel insurance;
    4. Vaccinations; and
    5. Consumables required for use during the course of the trip (e.g. glucometers).

Application Calls

Call for Application Submission Deadline Travel Period
3 January 202331 January 20231 April 2023 – 30 September 2023
1 July 202331 July 20231 October 2023 – 31 March 2024
2 January 202431 January 20241 April 2024 – 30 September 2024
1 July 202431 July 20241 October 2024 – 31 March 2025
2 January 202531 January 20251 April 2025 – 30 September 2025
1 July 202531 July 20251 October 2025 – 31 March 2026

Application Process

  1.  Applicant / Team Leader is required to submit the following documents to PPEO:
    • Original completed copy of CPG Application Form; ii.
    • Letter of Endorsement from the hosting organization confirming the involvement of applicant(s).
  2. The applicant / Team Leader must obtain approval of grant before leaving for the community project.
  3. Notification on the outcome of the application will be sent via email by PPEO to the applicant / Team Leader.

Categories of CPG grant

Category Grant Amount
(A) Student- Led
  • Project must be led by HP students.
  • (ii) Project can be made up of HP students from different professional groups.
  • (iii) Students can register for (a) Individual; or (b) Team. Team registration must comprise of a minimum of 4 students.

Individual: $700

Team: $2,800

(B) TTSH Staff-Student

(i) Project is initiated by TTSH staff(s).

(ii) Project can be led by either TTSH staff(s) or students.

(ii) Project can be made up of

  • HP students from different PECT funded professional groups and TTSH staffs or
  • HP students from same professional group and TTSH staff. HP students for this group can be both PECT funded and non PECT funded. Non PECT funded students are subjected to approval by PPEO.

Per Student: $800

Teams with > 10 members (inclusive of TTSH staff): $8,000 per group

For more information, please contact Mr Lo Jun Jie or Ms Adele Goh.

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