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Ren Ci Community Hospital is strategically located at the heart of Singapore, the 15-storey building is connected to neighbouring Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Ren Ci Community Hospital has been providing patients with a smooth transition from medical dependence to optimal functional independence.

Under the strong collaboration between Ren Ci and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, patients can also enjoy a wide range of medical services and support provided by the acute facility.

Services and Facilities

Care Team

The multi-disciplinary team made up of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals (physiotherapists and occupational therapists), pharmacists and medical social workers work together to provide quality post-acute care in preparation for patient’s return to the community. Patients typically stay for 3 to 4 weeks for a period of intensive rehabilitation.

Senior Care Centre (SCC)

Previously known as Day Rehabilitation Centre, the centre was renamed as SCC to better align with the growing spectrum of day care services including active and maintenance rehabilitation. Ren Ci’s senior care centre provides aged care services for the senior during the day. It helps to improve their physical and functional capabilities as they acclimatize to the community.

Chronic Sick Unit (CSU)

The Chronic Sick Unit cares for patients who are mostly bedridden with severe physical disabilities and multiple chronic conditions. This group of patients require higher levels of nursing care, regular therapy and sensory stimulation to maintain the integrity of their muscles, joints and sensory functions. As part of Ren Ci’s strive for excellence, the Trial-off Tracheostomy (TOT) project was implemented at chronic sick wards, with the aim of helping patients with tracheostomy to wean off the tube so they can breathe and eat on their own again. It has been adopted as a standard of care for suitable chronic sick patients. The first in the Intermediate and Long Term Care (ILTC) sector to successfully implement this, greatly increasing the quality of life for successful patients.

Ren Ci Learning Academy (RCLA)

The establishment of Ren Ci Learning Academy (RCLA) seek to upskill the community’s capabilities to better care for the elderly. One of RCLA’s focus will be workforce transformation such as the upskilling for nurses. Training programme that facilitates skills transfer between Therapist and care staff and advanced training for Therapy Support Staff to perform higher skilled assessments and interventions will also be developed. Another emphasis of RCLA is the cross-training and transdisciplinary model of care for Allied Health Professionals (AHP).


The medical company carries rehabilitation equipment and operates four retail showroom in Singapore. One of which is located in Ren Ci Community Hospital.

RenalTeam Dialysis Centre

A private dialysis centre, RenalTeam provides dialysis services to patients in the central region.


Government subsidies

The Ministry of Health (MOH) provides subsidies1 for inpatient community hospital stay. Learn more​ on subsidies for residential long-term services.

Additional Payment Schemes2

  • Medishield - Claimable up to $350/ day
  • Medisave - Claimable up to $250 / day3
  • Medifund - Eligible Singapore Citizens may tap on Medifund4

Estimated Hospital Daily Charges

Please visit Ren Ci Hospital website for more details.

Contact and Location



Ren Ci Community Hospital
71 Irrawaddy Road
Singapore 329562


Tel: 6385 0288


  1. Based on Means-Testing. For more information on Means Testing, visit: AIC site on Means Testing for inpatient community hospital stay.
  2. Find out more ore information on additional payment schemes here.
  3. Up to maximum $5000 per calendar year.Up to maximum $5000 per calendar year.
  4. Based on Means-Testing.  For more information on Means Testing, visit AIC site on Means Testing.​
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