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​False: Visiting different hospital and clinics unnecessarily may increase the risk of medication errors, resulting in less effective care and more side effects.

​True: Some medications have similar side effects. Taking them together unnecessarily can cause more pronounced side effects without additional therapeutic benefit.

​False: If pen and paper is too troublesome, you can always turn to online resources such as HealthHub. Otherwise, you can simply take photos of your latest medications with their medication labels. This can help healthcare professionals better understand what your medications are and how you have been taking them.

​False: Information on any changes to your medications and how you have been taking them will be useful for your Doctor/Pharmacist. One simple way to communicate these important information is to share the following 3 points:

  1. Have you been admitted to the hospital?
  2. Have you seen other Doctors?
  3. Have you changed medications recently?

True: An updated medication list helps your Doctors and healthcare professionals better understand how you have been taking your medications. Knowing this, they can better adjust your medications to optimise treatment and reduce your risk of side effects in the long run.

​True: Apart from creating your own medication list, there are many features in HealthHub that can help you better manage your medical needs such as keeping track of your upcoming appointments, reviewing your latest prescriptions, and even your lab test results.

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​False: There are two forms of medication delivery, PillDeliver - which is doorstep delivery of
your medication, and PillLocker, which entails self-collection of your medications from designated points throughout Singapore.

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​False: We pay extra attention to details before recommending medications to you - for example, one of the things we need to make sure is that the medication offered to you does not conflict with your medical condition and existing medications. We also help to screen for any red flag symptoms, which may warrant more urgent medical attention.

​False: Apart from treatment of minor ailments, we have a broad knowledge on the topic of medications. Feel free to approach us to find out more about your medications or if you have any concerns about your treatment. We can help you better understand your medications and guide you on how best to take them.

​True: Malaria is a deadly disease that spreads through mosquitoes. When left untreated, it can be potentially fatal. However, malaria is easily preventable with appropriate medication use. Speak to your pharmacist to find out more!

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