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The Department of Psychology helps patients with psychological health problems, cognitive issues, and difficulty coping with life stressors.

Our Services

Therapy is a non-pharmacological approach to mental health issues or life stressors.

We offer therapy for anxiety, mood, anger, stress coping, grief and bereavement, personality disorders, social or interpersonal difficulties, behaviour management, and other psychological difficulties.

Both inpatient as well as outpatient services are available. Different therapy approaches are used depending on patient's needs.

The most common therapy approach is cognitive behavioural therapy. Other therapy approaches which may be used, as appropriate, include acceptance commitment therapy, solution-focused brief therapy and emotion-focused therapy.

At times, supportive counselling or to learn coping strategies might be sufficient to deal with recent life stressors.

Personality assessments can also be performed if there is a suspected personality disorder.

Our psychologists offer neuropsychological assessments for various neurological conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, mild cognitive impairment, etc.

Common referral reasons included assessment for diagnostic purposes (such as an assessment for possible dementia), cognitive baseline to inform management, as well as suitability for return to work and return to school purposes.

Neuropsychological assessments can also be conducted to assess one's capacity to make decisions and for medico-legal purposes.

Referrals could also be made from your doctor to assist in cognitive rehabilitation and to learn suitable compensatory strategies to cope with cognitive difficulties in domains such as attention, processing speed, memory or executive function, following a brain injury or neurodegenerative condition.

All referrals have to come from a medical doctor. For outpatient cases, all cases are seen on an appointment basis and we do not take in walk-in cases.

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