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Caregiver's Guide - Learning Guidebook

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Learning to be a Better Caregiver

If you want to better care for your loved ones, it’s like learning a new skill.

Imagine it as a journey. Thi​​s guide is like your roadmap for this caregiving journey. It helps you figure out the different things you need to know and do to provide good care. We call these things “Caregiver Knowledge Domains.” They’re like the essential tools you need on this journey.

Sign up for caregiving training courses to learn the various Caregiver Knowledge Domains.

With these skills, you can take care of​ your loved ones confidently at home.

This guidebook is split into two parts: the first part is about taking care of older family members, and the second part is about taking care of persons with disabilities. So, whether it’s your grandparents or someone with special needs, we’ve got you covered. Your caregiving journey starts here, and we’re here to make it easier for you.

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