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GASTROClear Test

​​How Do You Know if You are at Risk for Stomach Cancer?

You are at risk if you are above 40 years old and have any of the following risk factors:

  1. Family history of stomach cancer

  2. Medical history of gastritis and other stomach illnesses

  3. History of Hlicobacter pylori (H.pylori)infection

  4. Lifestyle and diet:

  • Obesity
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Alcohol drinking
  • High intake of salted, smoked and preserved food
  • Low intake of fruits and vegetables

Why Should You Undergo Regular Screening for Stomach Cancer?

GastroClear Test 1.png


Most early-stage stomach cancer patients have no symptoms.



GastroClear Test 2.png


of stomach cancer patients do not survive more than five years because of late diagnosis*.



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Effective screening can detect stomach cancer early. Stomach cancer is curable if detected early.

* Katai et al. Gastric Cancer 2018 21(1):144-154

What is GASTROClear Test?

  • Simplified stomach cancer screening to assess your risk of stomach cancer by measuring 12 microRNAs in a single blood draw (5 ml). It is designed to complement upper GI endoscopy.
  • High accuracy for early detection of gastric cancer. The test detected 87.5% stage I and 89.5% stage II gastric cancers in clinical validation.

​How Does GASTROClear Test tell You Whether You are at Risk of Stomach Cancer?

  • Blood test reports a risk score which will indicate if you are at Low Risk, Intermediate Risk, or High Risk of having stomach cancer.
  • Your doctor will interpret the test report and refer you for endoscopy if your risk is high.

* So JBY et al., Gut. 2020, 0:1-9
* Shimada et al. Gastric Cancer 2014, 17(1):26=33

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