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Hearing Aids: Guide for Proper Care & Maintenance of Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Guide for Proper Care & Maintenance of Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Rechargeable Hearing Aids



How to Use Your Hearing Aids:

  1. Please note that the hearing aid body with a red mark is for your right ear, while the one with a blue mark is for your left ear.  

  2. Be gentle when handling your hearing aid.

  3. Insert the ear mold/rubber domes fully into your ear canal.

  4. Place the hearing aid body behind your ear.

  5. Keep the hearing aids dry at all times to avoid corrosion. Remove them when bathing and sleeping.

  6. Pull the receiver wire or removal string gently to remove the rubber dome or ear mold from the ear canal.

  7. Turn them on/off by manually pressing and holding one of the push buttons. (Differs depending on different hearing aid brands/models).

  8. Do not use your hearing aids if you have an ear infection or have fluid (e.g. water) in your ears.


Cleaning Your Hearing Aids:

  1. Use dry tissue, cloth, or paper towels to clean your hearing aids. DO NOT use wet tissue or water to clean them.

  2. You may use the cleaning accessories provided.

  3. Change the wax filter if it is blocked with dirt.

  4. Change the rubber dome if it is dirty or worn out.

  5. Esure the ear mold is not blocked with dirt.

Charging Your Hearing Aids:

  1. Charge your hearing aids daily by putting them into the charging box. You may also charge them at night when you are sleeping.

  2. You may leave your hearing aids in the charging box when you are not using them.

  3. Some charging boxes will also dry your hearing aids with an in-built drying function.

  4. For some hearing aid models, you will have to dry your hearing aids in a separate drying box before charging them. You may use an electronic drying box or a container with silica drying capsules to dry the hearing aids.

Using an Electronic Drying Box to Dry Your Hearing Aids: 

  1. Turn off your hearing aids before drying.

  2. Place your hearing aids inside the electronic drying box and close the cover.

  3. Press the activation button to start the drying process. The light will turn on and start flashing brightly.

  4. When the drying process is complete, the box will switch off automatically. The light will turn off as well.

  5. Take your hearing aids out of the drying box and put them into the charger box when they are dry.

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