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Heart Failure Self-Care Management

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1. Limit Your Fluid Intake*

  • Measure your drinks
  • Restrict fluid intake to 1 litre per day

*This includes all beverages/fruits/soup/porridge

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2. Limit Your Salt Intake

  • Taste food before adding salt (less than 1 level teaspoon or les than 2g of sodium a day)
  • Avoid processed and canned food
  • Do not add gravy/sauces to your food

 Heart Failure Self-Care Management 2.png

3. Take Your Medications as Prescribed

  • Do not stop taking your medications even if you feel well

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4. Have Adequate Activity and Rest

  • Exercise at your own tolerance level, at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time
  • Stop physical activity or exercise immediately if you develop chest discomfort or shortness of breath
  • Take frequent breaks in between exercise or daily activities

 Heart Failure Self-Care Management 4.png

5. Stop Smoking and Avoid Alcohol

Heart Failure Self-Care Management 5.png

6. Monitor Your Weight Daily

  • Weigh yourself every morning, after passing urine but before breakfast
  • Record your weight in calendar

Heart Failure Self-Care Management 6.png

* Seek medical attention if you develop shortness of breath, swelling of lower limbs, stomach distension / bloating or weight gain of more than 3 kg in 1 week.

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