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Nutrition: Healthier Cooking Methods

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​Why Cook?

  • To create healthier dishes
  • Allows you to choose healthier ingredients (e.g lean meat/chicken or more vegetables)
  • Allows you to control the amount of oil/fat and condiments added to foods (e.g sugar, salt, sauces)
  • More affordable to buy groceries in bulk and share cooked meals with family/friends instead of eating out

How Can You Make Cooking Healthier?

Use healthier cooking methods:

1. Grill

  • Place food on a grill pan or grate to cook food over heat (e.g stove, charcoal fire)
  • Minimal to no oil needed
  • Use for cooking meat, chicken, fish and vegetables

Healthier Cooking Methods - Grill.png

2. Steam

  • Helps to preserve nutrients so that food stays nutritious
  • Place food in a colander or pan over boiling water and cover
  • No oil required
  • Use for cooking meat/chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, rice, idli

Healthier Cooking Methods - Steam.png

3. Microwave

  • Uses radiation to create heat to cook food
  • Use microwave-safe bowls or plates and follow microwave instructions for heat settings and cooking time
  • Minimal or no oil needed
  • Use for cooking seasoned chicken/meat, vegetables, eggs or rice

Healthier Cooking Methods - Microwave.png

4. Boil

  • Place food in a pot and cook in boiling water over heat
  • No oil required
  • Use for making soups/curry with meat/chicken, seafood, fish, vegetables

Healthier Cooking Methods - Boil.png

5. Stir-Fry

  • Food is cooked in a frying pan directly over heat
  • Quick way of cooking a variety of vegetables and meat or both at the same time
  • Use little oil
  • Use for cooking, meat/chicken, seafood, fish, vegetables, rice, noodles

Healthier Cooking Methods - Stir-fry.png

Tips to Prepare Healthier Meals

Healthier Cooking Methods - foods.png

  • Choose unsaturated oils (e.g canola oil, sunflower oil) for cooking
  • Remove skin/fats from meat and poultry
  • Use less oil for stir-frying
  • Avoid using butter or ghee in cooking
  • Replace full fat dairy with low fat or skim alternatives
  • Skim off layer or oil or solidified fat on curries/gravies before serving
  • Substitute red meat with fish, eggs, lentils, beans, peas on some days of the week
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