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Short Stay Thyroidectomy: Patient Information Booklet

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Thyroidectomy is a procedure that removes either the left or right lobe of the thyroid gland including the isthmus (hemithyroidectomy) or removes the entire thyroid gland (thyroidectomy). These procedures are performed for patients who:

  • Are confirmed or suspected to have thyroid cancer
  • Have large thyroid glands pressing against the windpipe or food passage
  • Have over-production of thyroid hormones despite taking medication or radioactive iodine
  • Have a visible thyroid gland causing cosmetic concerns

With carefully orchestrated care, most patients can be safely discharged in one to three days with minimal risk of complications. The whole process will be undertaken by a well-trained multidisciplinary team. The objective of this booklet is to provide you and your family with the necessary information that can enhance your recovery after thyroidectomy. On behalf of the team, we hope this guidebook will prepare you for the journey ahead, and reassure you prior to the operation.

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