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Clean Intermittent Catheterisation (CIC) for Female

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Clean Intermittent Catheterisation (CIC) is a clean technique of inserting a catheter by a caregiver into the patient’s urinary bladder to drain out urine. CIC must be performed at regular intervals as advised by the doctor or nurse.

CIC may be ordered by the doctor or nurse when a patient:

  • Is unable to completely empty their bladder.
  • Is unable to urinate.
  • Needs to have her urethra dilated.

Further to helping the patient to completely empty her bladder, CIC helps the patient to:

  • Reduce dependency on a catheter.
  • Decrease risk of urinary tract infections related to long term use of an indwelling catheter.
  • Prevent further bladder & kidney damage.

Depending on the patient’s medical diagnosis, CIC may be required on a temporary or long term basis.

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