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What is Therapy?

It is a non-pharmacological approach that helps you:

  • Address your stressors and struggles
  • Reduce psychological distress
  • Enhance effectiveness & satisfaction in life
  • Manage your thoughts, emotions & responses

What is Therapy for?

Stress, anxiety, mood, anger, grief, social or interpersonal difficulties, and other psychological distress/symptoms

What to Expect?


  • Keep an open mind
  • Be ready for change
  • hink about stressors/symptoms to share


  • Typically about 50 minutes
  • Be upfront with your concerns
  • Share what you are comfortable with


  • Reflect and digest
  • Try before rejecting
  • Consistently practise and apply
  • Share your feedback and reflections next session

During Your First Session

It is normal to feel anxious. It is never easy to share deep and personal information with another stranger. You may find yourself leaving the session with more questions than answers. This is normal too as these questions will view things from different perspectives, guiding you towards the most suitable answer that fits your values and beliefs.

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