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image of Dr. Daniel Yong  Zhan Peng

Upon completing his Urology residency with the National Health Group in 2018, Dr Yong was awarded the Singapore Urological Association-European Board of Urology Book Prize (Nation’s top scorer) in the same year. He has been a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore since 2018.

Coming from a diverse educational background, he obtained his 1st class honors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Imperial College, London in 2005. He completed a Masters in Biotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007. As the inaugural batch of Duke-NUS Medical School, he graduated with a Doctor of Medicine in 2011. During the course of his study, he was a recipient of the Duke University Research Scholarship and spent 1 year in North Carolina completing a research fellowship under Prof. Glenn Preminger, Prof David Albala and the esteemed faculty of the Department of Urology there.

Dr Yong was a recipient of the Japan Urological Association scholarship 2019 and was attached to the Dept of Urology at Okayama University Hospital in 2019 under the tutorship of Prof Mootoo Araki and Prof Yasutomo Nasu. A recipient of Health Manpower Development Plan FY 2020, he completed his HMDP in 2023 at Universitatsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf / Martini-Klinik (Germany) where he learnt advanced surgical techniques such as Neuro-SAFE (Bilateral nerve sparing Robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy) from Prof Alexander Haese.

A keen researcher, he has published various peer-review papers and book chapters. He is the department head of research and is a member of the hospital research committee and also the clinical innovation committee. He is also the inaugural recipient of the Center for Healthcare Innovation Fellowship. His current interest in the field of urology is Robotics, Minimally-invasive surgeries and Urooncology. He also takes pride in nurturing the next generation of doctors and is an adjunct clinical instructor at YLL-SOM NUS and LKC NTU.

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