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​Dr. Li Hao is a head and neck surgeon and an ENT specialist. He was born in Shanghai and immigrated to Singapore since he was 15. He obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the National University of Singapore in 2008 and completed his Otolaryngology Specialist Training in 2015. Since then, Dr. Li Hao has devoted the majority of his time to the care of patients with growths in the head and neck, especially cancers. Knowing cancer is a biologically variable disease that requires multidisciplinary, scientific and personalized care tailored to each patient, Dr. Li Hao committed much of his spare time since 2015 to participate in translational research and received his Master of Clinical Investigation from the National University of Singapore in 2017.

From 2018 to 2019, he travelled to the United States to complete a hands-on surgical oncology fellowship in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and trained under twelve faculty surgeons including Professor Jatin Shah. During this period, he received intensive training in the management of a wide variety of head and neck cancers ranging from the skin, to the nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, voice box, thyroid, neck lymph nodes, nerves, blood vessels and salivary glands. He also has experience working with neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, thoracic surgeons and plastics surgeons in the performance of complex head and neck surgeries for advanced cancers.

To further understand how surgeons should harness the strength of a multidisciplinary team to provide the best care for their patients, he completed another fellowship with the International Federation of Oncological Societies (IFHNOS) and graduated with Honors in 2019. Dr. Li Hao now sees patients in both Tan Tock Seng and the National University Hospital of Singapore and teaches students and specialist trainees from both the Lee Kong Chian and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

He has also built a database of over 2000 surgically-removed thyroid specimens and attracted a multidisciplinary team to focus on research that improves the value of thyroid nodule and cancer care. In his spare time, he enjoys soccer and exploring nature with his family. Dr. Li Hao is fluent in both English and Mandarin and strives to provide personalized, evidence-based and compassionate care for every patient.

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