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Orthotic Management of the Fractured Spine


Spinal fractures are a fairly common occurrence in the Singapore population. Faced with a rapidly ageing population coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, the increase in the number of patients presenting with such fractures and the importance of appropriate treatment cannot be overemphasised. Spinal fractures commonly occur in the thoracolumbar region as a result of trauma or other pre-existing medical conditions that may affect spinal integrity, and can have serious consequences if not managed appropriately.

Spinal fractures may be managed conservatively or through surgical means. In addition to the discomfort, pain and inconvenience caused by the fracture or treatment procedures, there is also the risk of neural deficits. The management of such fractures requires input from various healthcare professionals. Healthcare staff working in the inpatient setting are likely to encounter such cases on a regular basis and should be equipped with the skills to safely manage these patients.

Healthcare professionals such as nurses, orthotists, therapists and therapy aides play a pivotal role in the patient’s recovery process. Specific skills sets are required when treating spinal trauma patients in the wards, including specialised spinal nursing skills, proper fitting and use of spinal orthoses to protect the spine during the recovery process and Physiotherapy to enable a safe return to normal activities. This course is designed to better prepare nurses, therapists and therapy aides with the necessary skills sets to safely handle a patient with a spinal fracture and in the use (Donning and Doffing) and care of the spinal orthoses for such fractures.

This half day course will comprise of lectures and workshops with hands-on practice.

Date / Time
September - October 2021 / Date and time to be confirmed.
0.5 day
To be confirmed.

Target audience

Enrolled Nurses, Assistant Nurses, Therapists, Therapy Aides/Assistants, Orthotists based in Hospital etc.


  • Rie Nagai
    Senior Prosthetist / Orthotist
    BSc Prosthetics & Orthotics (Australia)
    Dip Prosthetics & Orthotics (Japan)
  • Joseph Lim
    Senior Prosthetist / Orthotist
    BSc Prosthetics & Orthotics (United Kingdom)
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AHINet Event
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Eu Yan Lin
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