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Stronger Together Better Together

Throughout the past year, we have seen the best of our people, trudging forward as one in our fight against the invisible enemy. The bravery, sacrifices, dedication, strength, and indomitable spirit to work tirelessly on the frontline and behind the scenes to care for our patients, the community and for one another.

An extraordinary year that forever changed
the way we live, and work
23 January saw Singapore's first case of the novel coronavirus.
Screening Centre Opens
On 29 January, the Screening Centre was opened. What would have taken 3 days upon activation was completed in just 24 hours.
In February, the DORSCON level was raised to Orange. It was all hands and hearts on deck as collgeaues from across the hospital swung into action.
Keeping Our Patients Safe at Home
Demand for medication delivery gre exponentially reaching a high of 60 deliveries in a day.
Ramped Up
From the initial 500 to 800 tests a day, the Laboratory ramped up its capacity to perform 3000 tests a day in support of NCID, Community Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Polyclinics.
White "Shadows"
On top of their usual 1,400 scans and imaging procedures, the Diagnostic Radiology team conducted x-rays for some 300 patients a day at the Screening Centre, while staying sharp on the lookout for white 'shadows' in chest x-rays.
Marching On
In March, within 9 hours, colleagues from all Departments moved 250 beds, pedestal cupboards, and other items from TTSH to increase ward capacity in NCID.
Caring Beyond Our Walls
As our country came to a standstill during Circuit Breaker in April, healthcare workers soldiered on and this time, extended their care to the more vulnerable in the community.
Providing Support
Staff were deployed to provide support at Nursing Homes, Community Care facilities and worker dormitories.
May The Force Be With You
In May, the Hospital converted two general wards at TTSH to COVID-19 Wards, standing by for the overflow from NCID.
Mr Raju Sarker was discharged in June after three months in TTSH. Each discharge is celebrated with heartfelt and utmost deication to send another patient home safely.
176 Years of Care
In July, TTSH marked 176 years of care, and remember the unwavering spirit that brought us through the darkest days of SARS and COVID-19.
National Day
9 August, like never before. Celebrating the spirit of healthcare and our people.
On The Front
Our Frontline Fighters made their way across Singapore on board the Mobile Column through the heartlands and past hospitals.
Apart, But Together
Staying connected with patients and residents in the new normal.
In December, we were humbled and honoured to receive a special Resilience Award and to be certified as a Great Place To Work and a Great Place To Learn.
This is Our People, Our TTSH Kampung
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