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Dr Hoi Shu Yin 

Dr Hoi Shu Yin, Chief Nurse

President's Award for Nurses 2023

28 July 2023

Shu Yin is known to be straightforward, astute, yet a personable and humble leader. She champions innovation and has a heart for nurturing and empowering people to achieve their best.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Shu Yin guided over 3,600 nurses, and demonstrated her leadership with relentless energy and expertise.

She established the Nursing Shared Governance System which empowers nurses on the ground to make changes in the wards for better care, allowing for her vision of “collective leadership” to blossom.

Through hospitals and national appointments, she spearheaded initiatives across diverse disciplines to connect people and strengthen relationships to deliver excellence of care. She re-designs patient care, and had supported many smart work processes, and led the nursing workforce to adopt digital transformation.

The collaboration with local start-ups to develop “PreSAGE”, a patient fall-monitoring system to reduce both patient falls and manpower hours, is one example of her many achievements. Today, PreSAGE® has been adopted by other hospitals and nursing homes in Singapore.

Despite her busy schedule, she attained a Doctorate in Nursing and a Masters in Knowledge Management, while coping with her other roles as a wife and mother to three young children. Knowing the challenges of being a working parent, Shu Yin walks-the-talk for work-life harmony and pays special attention to her staffs’ welfare.

Shu Yin aspires to see Nursing as one of the most trusted professions in Singapore. She believes in continuous learning and to always remain curious about life.

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