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Issue 21 | November 2023​

Dear Partners and Friends,

To add more healthy years to our silver generation is a mission for all care providers. Now with the introduction of ‘Young Seniors’, we are looking beyond serving our current 65-year-old and above population, and to start preparing for the next generation of seniors. In this issue, we take a look at how seniors spend their golden years meaningfully in the community with good support from the different care organisations and how seniors can care for themselves and others.

​In the last of our zonal focus, we introduce Serangoon, a place with a mix of old private housing estates and new public townships. With more than a fifth of the residents aged above 65, this is a place where care services and programmes are designed to allow seniors to take charge of their own health. Nested in the heart of Serangoon, NTUC Health offers an integrated suite of senior care services, from day care to medicine clinic, supporting the different needs of seniors.

In October, at the Singapore Patient Conference, many of us came together to launch the NHG Network for Senior Volunteers to boost volunteerism amongst the silver generation. The new network will pool programmes, resources, and place-based volunteering opportunities and be the platform for seniors to learn valuable skills and knowledge. Volunteers will soon be able to tap on the Health Kampung module under NHG Cares App to locate suitable volunteering opportunities near home.

Lifelong learning is important to the senior volunteers, besides learning how to care for themselves, they also learned how apply their knowledge of care to help others in the community. ​ Read more about Mr Stanley Peh and Mr Peh Wee Beng’s story​ on friendship and learnings through their volunteer journey.

Bringing the Central Health Action and Learning Kampung (CHALK) back for the fifth year, themed ‘Building Healthier and Happier Communities Together’, the event will focus on building activated and sustainable communities together with our volunteers. I look forward to meeting you at CHALK 2023.

Yours Truly
Loh Shu Ching
Executive Director
Division for Central Health​
Tan Tock Seng Hospital & Central Health​​​

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​Stay tuned for the webcast via CHALK's Facebook Page.


Holistic Care for a Healthier Community

Serangoon is home to a diverse population of 118,400 residents, with more than a fifth of the residents being above the age of 65 years. In comparison, Serangoon has an older age distribution and higher median monthly household income than overall national and Central zone average. ​

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Lifelong Learning and Giving Back Through Senior Volunteerism

At a recent health screening event by CareElderly @ Golden Ginger, we sat down with Mr Stanley Peh and Mr Peh Wee Beng, to understand what motivates the two gentlemen who are in their 70s to volunteer in the community.

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Staying Healthy and Living Strong in Serangoon​

Health talks, games, fun aerobic exercise sessions and more! That was what residents at Serangoon Central experienced at the NTUC Health’s Healthy Ageing Roadshow. Co-organised with the Silver Generation Office (SGO), the roadshow encouraged seniors to age actively and healthily.

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Silver Threads Weave a Community Tapestry: Highlights from the 11th Singapore Patient Conference 2023​

In the heart of Singapore, on 18 October 2023, the 11th edition of the Singapore Patient Conference unfolded with the theme 'Senior Volunteerism in Health and Social Care.' It was not merely a gathering; it was a celebration of the silver-haired heroes weaving stories of compassion and connection.

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