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I hear that nurses at TTSH are so busy all the time. Do they have enough time to teach me?

The dynamic environment in TTSH presents unrivalled learning opportunities for nursing students to hone their clinical knowledge and skills. Our education team is renowned for their dedication, as previous students will testify. It is this same team, together with clinical instructors that will mentor you every step of the way.

My friends tell me that it is difficult to make the grade for TTSH clinical attachments. Is that true? Why is this so?

At TTSH, we uphold high standards of clinical teaching and patient care. However, our instructors and preceptors accommodate different learning aptitudes and tailor their approach accordingly to suit the individual. Our guarantee to you is that every nurse who has successfully completed our induction program will be well equipped with the professional skills to succeed in any care setting.

Do I have a say in nursing policies that affect my care? How do I make sure that my suggestions and feedback are heard?

Our Shared Governance Model is about moving from traditional hierarchical decision making to a new partnership model of nursing. Today’s generation of nurses wants their voices to be heard and they want to be partners for decisions that will have an impact on their work environment. Nurses can participate in either the Unit Councils in the workplace or get elected to the Governance Council to partake in organizational decision making and represent the voices of our nurses.

How do I apply to be a nurse? What sort of nursing sponsorships and scholarships does TTSH offer?

To be a nurse, you need to have a keen interest in people and their wellbeing. To learn more about the criteria and types of awards we offer, visit us at our HR scholarships page.

I submitted my application yesterday. When will I know the outcome?

If you are shortlisted, we will contact you within 2 weeks for an interview. Otherwise, your profile will remain in our database for the next 12 months.

What are the career prospects for a nurse?

Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Nursing Service offers nurses a challenging and rewarding career with plenty of opportunities for professional development and advancement.

Depending on your aspirations you can either become a Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse.

  • Enroll​ed Nurses
    An Enrolled Nurse provides direct patient care to an assigned group of patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. The Enrolled Nurse can upgrade him/herself by attending courses and they can aspire to be a Senior Enrolled Nurse or even a Principal Enrolled Nurse.
  • Registered Nurses
    Upon registration with the Singapore Nursing Board, a Registered Nurse may be employed by a healthcare institution. A registered nurse may further his / her career as:
  • Nurse Clinician
    Registered Nurses may aspire to be clinicians in a specialised field of nursing. Nurse Clinicians are nurses who are highly skilled in their clinical skills within their area of speciality. As a Nurse Clinician, he/she provides patient care and perform some specialised procedures.
  • Nurse Educator
    Nurse Educators may either work in a hospital or an educational institution. In a healthcare institution, Nurse Educators are responsible for co-ordinating the total nursing training framework as well as designing the curriculum of training programmes. He/she conducts classroom and clinical teaching for all nurses. He/she also supervises clinic​al instructors in clinical teaching of trainee nurses in the healthcare institution.
  • Nurse Manager
    Nurse Managers manage a ward or department in an institution. He/she is responsible in leading and guiding a team of nurses in providing patient care. A Nurse Manager is also responsible for improving nursing standards within the department and hospital.
  • Advanced Practice Nurse
    When you are ready, you can pursue your Masters Degree in nursing to develop your expertise for extended practice as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN).

I hear that in nursing, promotions take very long. Is that true?

Our Nursing mission is to groom leaders in every rank and we actively do so at TTSH. Nurses who demonstrate outstanding leadership and clinical skills are identified as future nurse leaders and placed in a nurse leader management preparation programme. In this structured program, you are mentored, supervised and trained by senior nurse leaders to assume nursing leadership positions. You will learn how to set personal and career goals, and your progress is tracked for mentoring purposes.

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