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Manage your outpatient services anytime, anywhere!

You can now e-register for your clinic appointments in advance from your mobile device. Download the HealthHub application today!

Download HealthHub now!

Note: App is currently available at Ang Mo Kio Specialist Centre, Clinic B1A and Breast Clinic.

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What is HealthHub and its purpose?

HealthHub is a new one-stop health portal that is designed to meet your healthcare needs in one convenient, easily accessible place.

For more information on HealthHub, please visit

My app keeps crashing. What should I do?

You may call HealthHub contact center at 1800 225 4482 or email Health Promotion Board at

I encountered an error while logging in. What should I do?   

If your HealthHub account has been temporarily locked, it is likely that the allowed number of unsuccessful sign in attempts has been exceeded. The lock will be lifted after 24 hours from the time the account was locked. You may also contact HealthHub contact center at 1800 225 4482 or email Health Promotion Board at for HealthHub related matters.

If the error is related to SingPass, please contact SingPass helpdesk at 6643 0555 or email them at

I have problems with my SingPass ID and/or password. Who can I contact?

If you have queries relating to SingPass (e.g. how to reset password, OTP etc),
please contact:

Where does HealthHub get my medical appointments from? Are my medical appointments updated?

Appointments are obtained from the Public Healthcare Institutions. HealthHub shows the results for the next 12 months, with the next appointment at the top of the list.

Why are some of my appointments not listed?

Appointments for National Skin Centre appointments are not displayed. If you have appointments that are not displayed besides the above-mentioned, we would need to check further. Please contact Health Promotion Board at

Can I make appointment requests via HealthHub?

You may fill in the online form on HealthHub to schedule, change or cancel appointment. TTSH staff will contact you within 3-5 working days . This service is strictly for non-emergency, non-urgent cases and not applicable for Same Day Appointment requests. For medical emergency, please call 995.

What are the important points to note when changing my appointments?

  • Ensure that you have sufficient supply of medication.
  • Any special arrangements or tests that need to be done prior to seeing your Specialist should be completed and/or synchronized.
  • Always bring along any necessary documents as previously instructed e.g. x-ray forms.

What is e-Registration?

e-Registration allows you to register for your same day appointments via the HealthHub app. You will also get to view your e-Itinerary and monitor your queue status on-the-go.

How can I e-register?

Please refer to the step-by-step guide here.

You may e-register from 7am onwards on the day of your appointment.

If I e-register for my appointment earlier, do I get to see the doctor first?

No, patients will see the doctor according to the order of scheduled appointments. e-Registration does not give you priority over other scheduled appointments before you.

Is the queue status updated real-time?

Yes, the queue status is updated real time. Please select the ‘tap to update’ button to refresh the queue status.

After I have done e-Registration, do I still need to register or check-in at the clinic kiosk upon arrival?

No, you will not be required to do so.

Which are the participating clinics for e-Registration?

Currently, it is rolled out to Ang Mo Kio Specialist Centre on 24 Aug 2020. The services will be subsequently rolled out to all TTSH clinics in phases.

I have more than one appointment scheduled today. Can I use mobile registration for both?

If e-Registration is available in the clinics for your appointments, you may e-register for both appointments on your appointment day.

I have an assessment to be completed before my doctor consultation. Where should I go upon arrival?

The location for the assessment will be reflected in your e-Itinerary. You may follow the journey listed in the HealthHub App.

As a caregiver, whose appointments can I manage? Must they be related to me?

You can manage any adult/elderly dependents' appointments, as long as you have been authorised by them.

In order to be granted access as a caregiver by the dependent, please ensure the following:

  • Both of you are either a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident
  • Dependent should have your (caregiver’s) NRIC number
  • Both of you must be at least 21 years old.

If you meet all the criteria, yet your dependent still encounters a problem, please email, or call 1800 225 4482 for further assistance.

How do I access my dependent’s health records/How do I grant access my caregiver access to my health records?

Please refer to the step-by-step guide here.

Why do I only see my dependent’s appointments and nothing else?

Your dependent can choose the levels of access for you to view and has elected for you to only view his or her future appointments.

Can I/ my dependent remove my registration as an authorised caregiver?

Consent granted can be revoked at any time. In your HealthHub app, under ‘Grant Access to your Health Records’, you may remove the individual from the list of caregivers. Upon successful completion of this action, the selected individual will not be able to view your personal health and medical records.

You may choose to delete anyone from the list at any time. Once you have deleted the individual from your Family/ Friends' Health section on your HealthHub account, you will not be able to view or receive any notifications related to that individual.

How can I ensure that my contact details and appointment information is kept confidential?

HealthHub leverages on the national SingPass secure login for patients’ caregivers to access information.

Only the patient and his/her nominated caregiver(s) will be able to view and manage contact details and appointment information.

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