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All patients at Tan Tock Seng Hospital can choose to transfer between ward classes during their stay. However, ward class upgrading or downgrading will be subjected to bed availability.

For upgrading of ward class:

  • Higher ward class rate is effective from date of transfer
  • All other charges such as surgery, investigation, and medication (except ward charges) will be recomputed to the higher rate from the date of admission
  • Deposit may be required
  • For upgrading of ward class from subsidised to non-subsidised, outpatient follow-up will be at non-subsidised rate and you will have a choice of specialist

For downgrading of ward class:

  • For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, downgrading from non-subsidised to subsidised wards would be subjected to Means Testing by the Financial Counselling Department
  • Upon successful downgrading, subsequent charges for surgery, investigation, medication and ward will be adjusted accordingly with effect from date of transfer
  • Upon successful  downgrading of ward class from non-subsidised to subsidised, outpatient follow-up to that inpatient episode will be at subsidised rate and you will not have a choice of specialist

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