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Caregiver Essentials - Practical Tips in Caregivin​g

Join Shi Ling and Aishah as they share the basics of caregiving and practical tips to enhance your caregiving experience. Embrace and empower yourselves in your caregiving journey.

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Carer Matters is a nursing initiative to equip caregivers of older adults with knowledge and skills to care for their loved ones. It also aims to support caregivers through building of a caregiver support network.

As part of our initiative, we have:

  • Developed a caregiver tool to better understand individual caregiver needs and provide tailoring resources according to the identified needs.
  • Conducted and developed programs to enhance caregiver's knowledge and skills to better care for their loved ones and themselves.
  • Developed resources to assist caregivers in their role and navigating available community resources.

Through our initiative, we hope to reach out to caregivers and journey alongside.


Resources by Carer Matters

Here are some caregiver resources that we hope can benefit you:

 Caregiver Matters Basics Guide

Community Resources for Caregivers (Carer Matters)

Community Overview

Services that Provide Physical Care for Your Care Recipients

Education and Training


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