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The Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Programme (NTF HIP) was established in 2015, with a $52 million funding from the family of the late Mr. Ng Teng Fong. The aim of the programme is to drive value through healthcare innovation, training, and support improvements to patient care.

To date, NTF HIP has supported 150 innovation projects, 50 community enabling projects and 45 training projects. These are subcategorised into 4 tracks:

Track 1

Through the strategic training track, a simulation-based experimental training will be conducted for groups of trainees which consists of Medical Officers, Residents, and students. This training focuses on developing skillsets and capabilities to interpret patient’s vital physiological systems in the operating theatre and ICUs. As a result, avoids learning experientially in a real clinic situation, which risks in poor management resulting in rapid death or severe morbidity.

Track 2

In April 2019, the Physiotherapist team together with the Cardiology team commenced on a project to develop a novel patient activated Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) model of care called “Heart-Track”. This model of care utilizes a technology-enabled device designed specifically for patients’ post-percutaneous coronary intervention to complete CR at their convenience while ensuring evidence-based clinical outcomes are achieved. This model of care has played a critical role in reducing cardiovascular mortality and the risk of cardiovascular-related hospital admission.

Track 3

Through funds from the community enabling track, Project Carer Matters was launched to identify and provide intervention for at-risk family caregivers of dependent older adults. To date, more than 146 nurses from 6 wards have been trained, and 543 caregivers screened. Out of which, 5 caregivers received therapeutic intervention through a training programme that helped them manage behavioural problems of people with dementia.

Track 4

Wards without walls was a project funded under the strategic innovation track that encourages emergency department consultation, triage and referral to hospitals to be done in the comfort of the patient’s own home. In doing so, this enables care to reach beyond the hospital walls, into the community which transforms the current care paradigm that is fragmented, reactive and transactional.

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