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​After enduring the aftermath of a severe car accident some years ago, Mr Lim Ka Hock found himself with a variety of health problems, from high blood pressure to obtrusive sleep apnea and heart problems that gave rise to irregular heartbeats. His high blood pressure would also give him really bad headaches.

Mr Lim is one of the many that were hit hard financially by COVID-19 last year. Finding employment was extremely challenging – especially since he was hospitalized due to his heart problems. "My recent medication already costs more than $600", he remarked. He approached a medical social worker and was able to receive help with obtaining his CPAP machine.

Mr Lim's Obtrusive Sleep Apnea would also often result in daytime sleepiness, fatigue and poor concentration. The CPAP machine helps him alleviate these effects, as well as prevent his body from ceasing to breathe during his sleep. It helps him get the restive sleep he needs to go about his daily life working as a Grab driver.

As a family man who puts his children on the highest priority, Mr Lim would often worry about financially supporting his children.


Mr Lim would like to thank TTSH CF and Temasek Foundation for the help he has received, especially when he was unemployed, and for reaching out to those in genuine need of help.​

I have a family. It’s alright if I don’t eat, but my child has to eat. That’s why my money goes towards my child. It is quite hard to ask friends for help as they know you’re working – but how will they know what’s going on at home?”

– Mr Lim Ka Hock

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