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Care in your neighbourhood

Explore the services and care available near you.

The Central zone is geographically divided into seven subzones, where our ‘One Community Health Teams’ are assigned to each subzone. Our multi-disciplinary Community Health Teams anchored by community nurses and health coaches partner health and social organisations to engage, coordinate and care for our residents in their neighbourhoods and homes.

Our partnerships build relationships with our residents so that they feel empowered to take charge of their health, age gracefully and lead healthier lives. Be in touch with us and our partners nearest to you to understand how we can assist you on your care needs.

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Emergency Department or GP

​Feeling unwell? Not sure if you should visit the Emergency Department (ED) or a General Practitioner (GP) clinic near you?

Your family doctor plays a critical role in caring for your health needs, and should generally be the first point of contact when you feel unwell.

However, if you are experiencing sudden, urgent or unexpected occurrences that require immediate medical attention, please visit the Emergency Department (ED) as soon as possible.  

These conditions include:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Broken bone or dislocation
  • Traffic or worksite accident
  • Drug overdose or poisoning
  • Choking or difficulty in breathing
  • Deep cuts with uncontrollable bleeding
  • Sudden abdominal pains that do not subside
  • Sudden, severe chest pains or breathlessness
  • Head injuries with bleeding, drowsiness or vomiting

Primary Care

Family doctors play an important role in the management of your health.

Find CHAS GPs here ​Find out more about MOH vaccination subsidies here

​Health & Social Care Partners

Launched in 2011 by AIC, Singapore Silver Pages aims (SSP) to empower both seniors and caregivers in making informed care decisions. SSP is the first portal to integrate social care, healthcare, community mental health and caregiving resources under one roof for seniors and caregivers.

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