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The Healthiest You!

It’s never too Early or too Late to work towards being the Healthiest You!

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Developed and conducted by our Health Coaches, our Community Wellness Programmes are designed based on your health levels and goals. You can sign up through the calendar below. For more information, drop us an email!

Manage your weight via high intensity exercise and healthy dietary habits! Strive to reduce your BMI to the acceptable range.

Duration: 12 sessions
Suitable for: Residents with BMI >23

Develop practical knowledge regarding nutrition, exercise and skills that can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle for preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes.

Duration: 8 sessions
Suitable for: Residents with pre-Diabetes Mellitus (DM), BMI 23 – 37.4, or a family history of DM

Enhance your nutritional knowledge via experiential activities (e.g. cook-off, mock-up minimart and hawker centre tour). Learn about healthier food options and start incorporating healthy dietary habits into your daily life today!

Duration: 4 sessions
Suitable for: The physically fit and independent

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