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We are an established team-based dental service comprising dental specialists, general dentists and dental auxiliaries. We are committed to providing comprehensive and holistic care for dental and oral health. 

We accept referrals from local public and private hospitals, the Singapore Armed Forces, school dental services, private medical practitioners and private dental practitioners. We also attend to our inpatients and outpatients. 

Dental@TTSH provides multifaceted dental care for general and complex dental conditions including braces, dental implants and jaw surgery.

General Dental Services

We aim to provide quality dental care for functional and sustainable oral health. Early signs of dental problems may be detected and treated at a manageable state.

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Root canal treatment is a procedure to remove infection from the pulp chamber and root canal system of the affected tooth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This is a broad area which encompasses wisdom tooth surgery, dental implant surgery, jaw surgery, trauma management, cleft lip and palate repair and oral cancer surgery.


Dental braces are orthodontic devices used to align and straighten teeth in order to improve the bite and access for oral hygiene.


Treatment modality for gum disease depends on the severity of the disease. Nonsurgical therapies that control bacterial plaque are utilised for mild and moderately severe forms of the disease. Surgery may be indicated in the advanced stages of disease to improve access for debridement and to restore supporting tissues.


Prosthodontics is the area of care which involves the provision of dental prostheses to replace missing teeth or defective tooth structure. This can restore function and improve aesthetics. It is an extension of general dental services when complex cases, such as full mouth rehabilitation procedures, require management by the prosthodontist.

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Special Needs Dentistry and Medically-indicated Dentistry

These fields of dentistry involve the treatment of patients with special needs, complex medical conditions, and the elderly, who require tertiary care.

Payment Modes and Schemes

Payment Modes

At Dental@TTSH, the following modes of payment are available:

  • Cash
  • Nets
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX)

Medisave Scheme

The Dental@TTSH clinic is Medisave accredited by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore may be able to claim part of their surgical fees from their Medisave accounts.

Medisave can be used for surgical procedures such as dental implant surgery, wisdom tooth removal surgery, bone grafting surgery and gum grafting surgery. The amount you can claim would depend on the complexity of the surgical procedure.

If you do not have a Medisave account or your Medisave balance is insufficient to cover the dental bill, your immediate family members may use their Medisave to help you with the bill payment. Immediate family members refer to your spouse, parents or child. Please note that the use of Medisave is still subject to Medisave withdrawal limits.

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