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​​​ On the morning of August 2017, Mr. Wong Mun Chow was on his way to work when he experienced a sudden weakness in his legs, causing him to lose his stability.

Having previously suffered from a minor stroke in 2012, Mr. Wong decided to go home to be safe. From there, his daughter and father rushed him to the emergency department in Changi Hospital.

At the age of 57, Mr. Wong was diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica, a neurological condition involving the inflammation of the spinal cord. Since his diagnosis, he has been completely bedridden. Mr. Wong was hospitalized and lost the ability to conduct simple tasks, such as eating or moving on his own. He lost the independence he initially had in his day to day life. As a result, he lost his job as well. He previously worked as a cleaning supervisor in the airport.

Over time, Mr. Wong was referred to TTSH for rehabilitation in order to prevent him from being hospitalized for too long. Being hospitalized for long periods of time also risks coming into contact with other potentially dangerous illnesses.

With the help of TTSH staff, he was able to strengthen his arms to gain his independence, but continued to rely on his wife who at the time, was also juggling to take care of her kids, and studying to become a teacher for kids with learning difficulties.

Despite the stress she was going through, she chose to stay resilient and positive.

However, as the sole breadwinner of the family, Mr. Wong’s wife needed support to ensure that Mr. Wong was able to care for himself while she was working. She was unable to afford the help she needed, having bills to pay and mouths to feed.

Mr. Wong’s wife reached out to us and asked for help – she had contacted us previously and asked for help with buying her kids’ textbooks. Through TTSH Community Fund’s donors, they received a manual wheelchair, cushion, power wheelchair and a shower commode upon discharge.

These donations have been a tremendous help to both Mr. Wong and his loved ones. Thank you for your generosity.


Thanks to your help, Mr. Wong has been able to integrate back into the community and attend a day care centre, where he is able to healthily socialize and work on improving his mobility. He has also gained confidence in himself and reduced his dependence on medications.

The family is extremely grateful for the donation, which has impacted them immensely. They hope that other families undergoing challenges will get the vital support they need.

To the donors, thanks very much for helping us pass through this difficult period. At the moment, we hope that donors, within your means, can help those that are in need. We thank the donors very much"

– Mr Wong Mun Chow and his wife

​How Can You Help

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