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​​​​​​Ms Carrol Wong​At the age of 50, Carrol faced a life-altering challenge—a debilitating stroke that rendered her bedbound. The Community Rehabilitation Programme (CRP) became a beacon of hope, providing her with affordable home-based therapy programmes designed to restore her mobility and functionality.

Today, Carrol stands as living proof of the program's effectiveness. She not only regained her ability to walk with assistance but she continually strives for further improvement. Her journey to recovery has been daunting, yet her indomitable spirit prevails.

Engaging in daily rigorous training, Carrol, supported by her caregivers, celebrates each small triumph as a step closer to her ultimate goals. Her mantra, "Work harder, always have hope," resonates not just in her actions but serves as a well of inspiration for others facing similar challenges.

At the heart of Carrol’s  journey is her sister and dedicated caretaker, Jesseline. Recognizing the vital role of consistency and motivation, Jesseline invests considerable time and effort to ensure Carrol adheres to her prescribed regimen. Rooted in resilience, Jesseline's philosophy echoes, "If the patient doesn't give up, we cannot give up," underscoring the collaborative effort required to overcome challenges.

CRP is one of TTSH Community Fund’s key programmes​ for needy patient. Since its inception in 2004, the program had received than 5000 patient referrals. In 2023 alone, CRP helped improve the quality of life for almost 300 patients, providing over 3000 patient sessions to enable them to regain mobility and reintegrating them into society through comprehensive home rehabilitation therapy. 

Your support can make a difference in the lives of patients like Carrol. Join us in enabling their journey to reclaim mobility by making a donation to our charity​ today!
- Lianhe Zaobao (24 January 2024)​

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