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The Department of Continuing and Community Care provides medical care and consultancy for patients transiting from Hospital to Community.

We work alongside with other professionals and external partners as a multi-disciplinary team to provide clinical, functional and psychosocial assessment & care.

In line with the Department's vision in "Enabling wellness and health for all", our Mission is to deliver value-based personalized care to our community through the development of meaningful partnerships and innovation.

Our scope includes:

The Consultants from Department of Continuing and Community Care provide medical consultancy services to nursing homes and community hospitals. By integrating care and simplifying workflows between restructured hospitals and community partners providing care in the Intermediate and Long Term Care institutions, the Department hopes to augment the medical services that are already available in these institutions, and hopefully reduce unnecessary utilization of Specialist Outpatient clinics or admissions.

Provision of Medical support for community health teams in looking after patients with complex needs in the community, after their discharge to home to ensure that patients recover well post-discharge and prevent readmissions.

IFPC is an outpatient clinic managed by family physicians from the Department, located in TTSH Clinic 5A, to integrate and co-ordinate care of patients with multiple chronic diseases by providing continuing care for patients who require medical services but no longer require specialist follow-up. By doing so, the Department aims to reduce fragmentation of care.

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Continuing and Community Care
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