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In line with our recent Nurses Day Celebration, let us share with you some interesting nursing practices in our hospital that may pique your interest!


What looks like an ice cream bell to us was a visitor bell to our nurses in the 70s and 80s. When Public Announcement Systems were not trendy, our nurses just needed to ring this bell a few times to inform patients' family and friends that the visiting hour was over.


Did you know that long time ago our nurses used to keep their iconic cap and stacks of bobby pins inside personalised biscuit tins at work? There was a small cupboard in the ward that stored all these tins. TTSH decided to do without the nurses' cap in the early 90s, as it often became an obstacle for our nurses while performing their duties.

How many variations of TTSH nurses' uniforms have you seen before? The current uniforms are the 5th generation after the "peter pan collar", "policewoman", "peach lady" and "tulip sleeves". Our nurses are indeed very creative in coming up with nicknames for their uniforms.


When Electronic Bank Transfers were not the norm then, one thing that nurses always remembered to bring during their payday were safety pins! Why so? As they had no lockers to keep the money, our innovative nurses pinned their envelopes of cash to the uniform pockets!

Are you aware of any other cool traditions of our nurses in the past?

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