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1-Sports-Club-Header.jpgThe memories of TTSH Sports Club have been tucked away somewhere in our hospital's history until Mr Harbhajan Singh, Senior Nurse Manager, retrieved a few photos, which reminisced the glorious days of TTSH during the Inter Hospital Championships in the 1980s.

The main photo above was taken at Farrer Park stadium in 1979 when we emerged as the champion of the MOH Inter Hospitals Athletics meet.


All of us were striving very hard to beat the major hospitals like Singapore General Hospital and Woodbridge Hospital, who had very strong teams," he recalled.

Besides Athletics, TTSH Sports Club also made up of other sports teams such as soccer, sepak takraw, badminton, table tennis, netball, swimming, and also badminton. Some of the teams utilised our Multipurpose court to train. It was located adjacent to the Nursing Hostel, which was around the current Foot Care and Limb Design Centre area. We also owned a football field, which stretched from the current TTSH's main lobby all the way out to the front of the hospital.


More than just sports, we also organised the annual Dinner and Dance at the Multipurpose Court. It was called Malam Gembira, which means happy night in Malay. Each staff only needed to pay $5 per pax!" recalled Mr Singh.

You might be wondering what happened to our hip and happening Sports Club? It was later absorbed by our Human Resource Department and is presently known as HR Wellness.

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