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​Have you ever wondered how TTSH Pharmacy was like in the past? We spoke to a few of our pioneer pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to find out more.


TTSH Outpatient Pharmacy at Upper Pavilion Wards (current Renci Nursing Home) in 1995.
This was the first relocation before it was moved permanently to the current site at Basement 2.

In the 60s and 70s, our pharmacy was very modest. Located near Rotary Clinic, it only had two dispensing counters with wire mesh windows; no tablet counting balance, no retail counter, and no sitting area for patients to wait. Everyone needed to crowd around counters until the person's name was called to collect his or her prescription from the counter.


"After the amount was about right, I would then pour these tablets into a brown paper bag, twist the top portion before writing patient's name onto the bag," said Mr Tan Kia Jog, 79, one of our pioneer pharmacy technicians.


Nonetheless, regardless of the condition, our Pharmacy team worked very hard to serve both outpatients and inpatients. Despite the limited space, they were serving up to 900 patients daily when Tuberculosis was at its peak.

The Pharmacy Department went through tremendous improvements only when TTSH became a restructured hospital in the 90s. That was when the advanced systems were gradually put in place, clinical trainings were introduced and pharmacy facilities were upgraded and expanded.


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