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If you are wondering what a patient baju is, it simply means patient pyjamas. In TTSH, we have always called it patient baju.

Recently, TTSH rolled out a new generation of patient baju sporting soft pastel colour shades of blue, lavendar and pink with Peranakan design trim on the sleeves. This new generation of baju triggered our curiousity to find out how its predecessors looked like.

Let's take a look back at the last three generations of baju and our baju today.



Retro is what we described the baju back in the 60's. Our male baju was in blue and white stripes and the female baju was in green polka dots with white base. A basic baju that had served our patients well.



This generation of baju crossed two decades, with a mono-colour tone concept - the female baju was green and male baju, blue. Pairing of baju was at times a little challenging with the two colours. Some patients ended up wearing a female baju top and male baju bottom!



Let's not forget about our paediatric patient baju. In the 90's the junior baju were in blue, pink and green checkered design.



The first unisex baju introduced. the blue baju was designed to minimise the hassle of differentiating male and female baju and the redesigned the pants to ankle-length to reduce the risk of patient falls.



Today, our patients are wearing our new baju made of 60% polyester and 40% cotton. It comes in lavender, pink and blue and with more patient-friendly functional features. The Easy Baju option developed in the unisex baju days is continued here as its specially designed for patients with arm injuries and muscle contractures.

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