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​It is probably hard to imagine how our Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, Billing Office, Bill Payment/Refund, Administration team, Mail Room and Registry could fit into this building in the 80s.


However, considering the total staff strength of TTSH then was less than 1000 people, it was actually pretty possible!


Here are some facts about our old Administrative Building in the 80s:

  1. There were about 50 staff occupying this black and white bungalow at one time including Medical Director (equivalent to today's CEO) and also Hospital Secretary (equivalent to today's COO/CFO) who sat at level two.
  2. Who needs cloud computing when we had Mr Rahim? At the "garage" of this bungalow, he maintained hospital Registry which centrally stored all of TTSH's subject files! He had the file reference no of each subject matter at his finger tips and could retrieve any file almost immediately. Some old timers claimed the information found there were much more comprehensive than the system we're currently using.
  3. At the end of every month, there would be a beeline of staff forming outside level one. That marked pay day as people collected their pay from the Payroll office.
  4. No one had a chance to work overtime. The hospital guard would faithfully come and lock the building doorby 4.30pm sharp every day. Hmm...
  5. Not many facilities were available inside the building. There was no meeting room as most discussions took place inside the Medical Director or Secretary's rooms. There were only three toilet cubicles in the building; one for the two heads and the other two for the REST of the staff.
  6. Among the level two occupants were 7-8 typists. Their main job scope was to type documents! Those were the days when desktop was almost non-existent and typewriters were one of the very essential equipment in the office.


Can you recognise the lady in blue? Hint: HRD


A peek into the old office.

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