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Did you know that the current TTSH logo has only represented us for the past 15 years?

It was launched a few months before we moved to our current site on 6 January 1999. Our logo has undergone a few changes over the last decades.

The timeline below captures some of the key moments in our logo's history.



This logo was found in our newsletter dated January 1975. Potentially, this could be the first official logo of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Can you spot the word "TTSH" in the logo?


70's – 80's

Still keeping the round frame, this version carried a more obvious abbreviation of "TTSH" than the previous logo. Interestingly, the corporate colour used was green.



This logo was launched in 1992. Dropping the letter "H", the logo reflected the abbreviation "TTS", which stands for Tan Tock Seng. Along with the transformation, we also adopted burgundy as our corporate colour.

Presently, this is our logo. Maintaining the vibrant burgundy and the word “tts” from the 90’s, this version signifies our tradition of caring and our direction as health promoting hospital.


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