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Celebrate TTSH's heritage by sharing your story with us!

TTSH was the first hospital to be started by the community for the community. Back in 1844, there were no proper medical facilities for the common people. Mr Tan Tock Seng out of compassion and care gave the first donation that made this hospital possible. 

Today, more than 175 years later, TTSH is a modern hospital. It remains a people's hospital, one of the first to readily rise up to the nation's call for more to be done in healthcare for the community. Through the years, there have been many heroes, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators, who helped built a professional, competent and at the same time, compassionate and caring hospital.

We are currently on a quest to find more stories and objects that would truly encapsulate the journey and heritage Tan Tock Seng Hospital. This means identifying not just historical items, but also memories and personal tales that allow TTSH to be remembered as a place for caring and healing.

Share your fond memories with us! They could be in a form of stories, news articles, photographs, memorabilia, or even objects. Be part of this meaningful project today!

How to submit?

Send a photo and a short description of your item to

Submission criteria

  • The entry does not need to be first hand. It could be the item that has been passed down from the previous generations.
  • It could be in a form of photographs, documents, news articles, memorabilia or objects
  • The Organiser (Tan Tock Seng Hospital) reserves the right to edit the description, if needed.
  • All entries must have some association with Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Important notes

  • The entries submitted will be the property of the organisers and may be used before, during, or after the project for corporate or display purposes, without any fee payment to the participants
  • The participant must be the sole author and owner of copyright, intellectual property and all other propriety rights for the image(s) submitted for this project
  • Some of the entries will be featured on TTSH social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or Twitter.
  • For any other enquiries about the project, please email

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