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​In our last issue of the Heritage News, we shared the story of our New Wards Blocks that were previously located in CDC 2 and how today, only one out of five blocks remains - Block E.


The New Wards Block at TTSH in 1957. 

Block E, which previously housed wards 51 to 56 is currently home to Wards 81 to 86. How did that happen?


Patients previously housed in the Upper and Lower Pavilion Wards (part of it is now Ren Ci Nursing Home) and the New Wards Blocks were relocated to the current Wards Block.


The 4 blocks, with the exception of Block E, was subsequently demolished. Today, it has become Carpark A near ED.

In 2002, an attempt was made to convert the vacated buildings (Block E) into Ren Ci Community Hospital. However, the SARS outbreak stopped the plan and Block E was renovated to be used as containment wards.

After the refurbishment, the wards were labelled as wards 81 to 86 as a continuation of the wards at CDC 1 along Moulmein Road.

Besides SARS, the wards have seen to the management of other outbreaks such as H1N1, dengue and Chikungunia.

Today, the CDC 2 wards are used as recovery wards for various disciplines. When the HealthCity Novena is ready, CDC 2 will evolve and become home to the Proposed Ambulatory Expansion and Clinical Staff Office and Training Annex.

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