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Introduction to Breast Care Services

Breast Cancer is the leading cancer among women and it poses enormous physical, psychological and social challenges from the moment it is diagnosed.

Learning to live with breast cancer is no easy task and thus Breast Care Nurses come in handy during the initial period, which often involves considerable waiting, uncertainty, emotional and physical stress which causes great impact on families and patients.

Specialized Breast Care Nurses are there to provide essential support, counselling and information to empower the women and or men with breast cancer to participate in treatment decisions and take more control over her/his health and life in journeying through breast cancer disease process.

Our Services Include:

  1. Counselling and assessment of patient’s needs on psychosocial, physical, spiritual and sexual issues.
  2. Counselling on pre-operative and post-operative expectation of the breast cancer surgery. Reinforce information given by the Breast Surgeon pre-operatively. Encourage them to cope with life after surgery by accepting the disease and altered body image and early ambulation post-operatively.
  3. Educate patients and caregiver/family members on arm care and exercises, care, charting and discarding drainage from the drainage bottles.
  4. Provide information and support, both practical and emotional needs to patients with breast cancer and related breast conditions, and their relatives and carers.
  5. Act as a point of contact for the patients, relatives, carers and health care professionals.
  6. Provide support by referring patients appropriately to the support system available in the community such as Breast Cancer Support Group for coping with the disease process/treatment and also for moral support.
  7. Provide, maintain and ensure a high standard of care is rendered to patients with breast cancer and breast related conditions.

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