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Introduction to Dementia Services

As Singapore's population ages, there will be more and more elderly suffering from dementia.

Dementia is a disease, which affects the brain. The brain cells are damaged resulting in loss of mental functions.

Caring for a patient with dementia can be exhausting and stressful. Understanding what dementia is and having sufficient knowledge on how to cope with the challenging behaviour may help to reduce carer stress.

Nurse Clinicians (Dementia Care) are an indispensable component of the multidisciplinary team of the Cognitive and Memory Disorders Service.

Our Services Include:

  1. Assessment of cognitive, behavioural and functional status of new patients seen at the memory clinic
  2. Providing counselling and education to caregivers of patients diagnosed with dementia, equipping them with basic knowledge about dementia, coping strategies, on non-pharmacological management of behavioural problems, and informing them of relevant community resources.
  3. Working in collaboration with other allied health professionals to ensure smooth delivery of care
  4. Providing telephone advice to carers who may need follow-up review and support.

Project (Poster and Oral Presentation, and Publications)

Poster Presentation

Clinician's Name(S)YearTitleEvent
Philomena Anthony , Han Huey Charn , Chong M S2009Utilisation of Dementia Daycare services by dementia patients attending a tertiary Memory Clinic in Singapore Poster presentationAlzheimer's Disease International (ADI) conference Singapore
Han Huey Charn, Philomena Anthony , Lim W S, Chin J J, Chong K C, Chong M S2009 Impact of a Nurse education and counselling programme on Knowledge, Attitude, Neuropsychiatric (NP) Symptoms, and caregiver burden (PDF, 986KB)  
An Asian Perspective Poster presentation – in Society of Geriatric Medicine Singapore
Han Huey Charn, Philomena Anthony , Chong M S2009 Severity of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and related caregiver distress and not Caregiver Knowledge contribute to caregiver burden in Mild to Moderate Dementia patients attending A tertiary Memory Clinic: An Asian Experience Poster presentation (PDF, 3MB)  Alzheimer's Disease International(ADI) conference Singapore
Philomena Anthony, Sahadevan P, Han Huey Charn, Chin J J, Khin2004 A Study on the Utilization Dementia Daycare Services Oral presentation: Society for geriatric medicine Singapore (PDF, 844KB) 

Biennial Scientific meeting

Oral Presentation

Clinician's Name(S)YearTitleEvent
Philomena Anthony, Sahadevan P, Han Huey Charn, Chin J J, Khin2004 A Study on the Utilization Dementia Daycare Services Oral presentation (PDF, 844KB) Society for geriatric medicine Singapore, Biennial Scientific meeting


Clinician's Name(S)YearTitle
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