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Introduction to Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program, which comprises of 2 components- education/counseling and prescribed exercise training. Our goal is to assist heart patients back to their possible physical, social and psychological status.

Our program is designed to tailor to patients' need and exercises safely within specific guidelines; increase strength and stamina; provide information to modify risk factors and increase their awareness of aggressive lifestyle change. These are essential to reduce the risk of another cardiac event or even death.

Our Services Include:

  1. Education and Counseling about heart disease and its disease process
  2. Helping the patient modify risk factors such as smoking, obesity, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and physical inactivity
  3. Prescribed exercise training
  4. Providing information on physical limitations
  5. Education on appropriate use of prescribed medications
  6. Education on appropriate diet control
  7. Providing vocational guidance to enable the patient to return to work
  8. Stress management


Clinician's Name(s)YearTitleEvent
CHOW M W1, L PRABHAKARAN1, WILSON LOW2, DORIS TAN1, SWAPNA TONY32011Patients Satisfaction Level of an Out-Patient Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) programme. Ministry of Health- Singapore Nurse Association & 16th Singapore Malaysia Joint Nursing Conference. On 22-23 September 2011 at Learning Centre, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

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