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Introduction to Falls Care Service

As Singapore’s population ages, falls in the elderly is an increasingly major concern. Every year about 30% of elderly aged 65 years or older experience a fall.

Falls can result in serious consequences such as head injuries or fractures. As a result, some elderly may become less active or decline functionally due to fear of falling.

Falls can be prevented. Fall Care nurse clinicians work together with a multidisciplinary team to evaluate and manage falls in the elderly. The team comprises geriatricians, nurse clinicians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The aim is to identify the causes of falls in the individual patient and develop a care plan to help prevent further falls.

Our Services Include:

  1. Falls risk assessment by review medical history, medication history, fall history etc.
  2. Education on falls prevention strategies such as utilizing safety devices/ measures.
  3. Co-ordinate services as required, e.g. Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy
  4. Referral to various community services available

Project (Poster and Oral Presentation, and Publications)

Poster Presentation

Clinician's Name(S)YearTitleEvent
J. Y. Lee, N. H. Ismail, Y. L. Loo, S. P. Chan, K. K. Yong2007NHG scientific congress


Clinician's Name(S)YearTitle
Koh S L S, Hafizah N, Lee Jin Yih, Loo Yen Leng, Muthu R.2009Impact of a fall prevention programme in acute hospital settings in Singapore. Singapore Medical Journal. 50(4), 425-43. (PDF, 141KB) 

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