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Introduction to Pain Services

Pain is a complex condition that can have profound effects on a person's physical and psychological well being. Pain nurse clinician work closely with the doctors and other health care professionals to reduce a person's level of pain and suffering to a minimal level.

As a team we make clinical decisions and come up with a plan of care. We then monitor and evaluate its effectiveness to promote recovery and to return to maximal level of functioning and independence. This helps to restore patient's quality of life.

Our Services Include:

  1. Education on different types of pain (Acute Post op Vs Chronic Pain) and the importance of good pain management.
  2. Education on the different type of analgesia used, analgesia regimen and the management of side effects.
  3. Teaching on the proper usage of the various pain control methods available. For example Patient Controlled Analgesia, Epidural Analgesia, Peripheral Neural Blockade, Intrathecal Analgesia and Oral Analgesia.
  4. Follow up with patients who have Home Ambulatory Peripheral Nerve Block Infusion.

Project (Poster and Oral Presentation, and Publications)

Poster Presentation

Clinician's Name(S)YearTitle
Pauline Chong, Ng W K
2006A Preliminary Analysis Of NHG Integrated COPD Programme (NICE) in Tan Tock Seng Hospital ( May – Dec 2005 ) TTSH. 9th Annual Scientific Meeting, Singapore. (PDF, 273KB)  

Wendy Koo, Dr Ooi Lai Hock, Tee Sock Tiow, Lily Goh, Ng Siow Fam, Noorani Othman, Goh Cheng Cheng, Yvonne Hwang, Melissa Phua

2009Annual Scientific Meeting National Health Care Group Singapore. (PDF, 1.2MB)  
Pauline Chong2011

Pain Management in Canada
Nursing Pride Newsletter , May/ June Volume 14 Issue (PDF, 273KB)

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