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Introduction to Wound services

The challenges of effective wound management are increasingly complex. However the Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurse Clinicians are qualified to provide specialty care for patients with acute and chronic wounds, standard and continent diversions, and fecal and urinary incontinence. In addition, we are trained to provide support to patients who require explicit assistance in the physical, emotional and social realms of health.

Our Services Include

  1. Direct care and consultation on individuals with:
    • Draining wounds
    • Fistula wounds
    • Vascular ulcers
    • Pressure ulcers
    • Neuropathic wounds
    • Chronic/ refractory wounds
  2. Specialized Skills:
    • Conservative Sharp Wound Debridement
    • Topical Negative Pressure Wound Therap
  3. Continent Diversion Care:
    • Pre-operative Stoma Counseling
    • Stoma Siting
    • Post-operative Stoma Assessment
    • Post-operative Stoma Care Giver Training

Project (Poster and Oral Presentation, and Publications)

Poster Presentation

Clinician's Name(s)YearTitleEvent
Tan H H, Eng Li Keng Diane, Yap CT and Ishak H1998Degree of burn, location of burn as predictors of psychosocial status and physical functioning.

9th Annual Scientific Meeting (Singapore General Hospital), Singapore.

Tay JC and Eng Li Keng Diane2006The effect of low-frequency electrical stimulation therapy on chronic deep vein thrombosis. (PDF, 1MB) 

3rd Annual Scientific Conference National Healthcare Group, Singapore.

Eng Li Keng Diane2008Evaluation of Mepilex Ag, a silver impregnated soft silicone absorbent dressing in patients with critically colonised venous leg ulcer – 5 case reviews. (PDF, 791KB) 

2nd World union wound healing societies congress, Toronto Canada.

Goh Cheng Cheng, Karine2008Beyond Exudate Absorption: Using Hydrofiber Foam Dressing For Wound Management- 1 Case study (PDF, 1.4MB) 2nd World union wound healing societies congress, Toronto Canada

Oral Presentation

Clinician's Name(s)YearTitleEvent
Eng Li Keng Diane, Tay JC and Chao A2001Height pressure is a useful alternative in the assessment of diabetic patients with peripheral arterial disease and calcified arteries.

9th Annual Scientific Meeting (Tan Tock Seng Hospital), Singapore.

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