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Introduction to Spine and Chronic Pain services

Chronic back pain and spinal surgery are related to prolonged discomfort and intermittent physiological and psychological symptoms that require long-term treatment. Treating long term somatic and symptomatic pain is challenging and complex and it requires a fine balance.

It is important that the patient and family have a good understanding of their symptoms and the solutions available to help keep their pain in control as well as maintain daily activity and work life balance.

The chronic pain / spinal nurse clinician maintains partnership with patients and physician to help provide information, counselling and psycho-education support to help patients manage their pain and disease progression.

Our Services Include:

  1. Understanding of the disease progress.
  2. Understanding of pain control and the need of pain management.
  3. Understanding back care and good postures.
  4. Understanding important of exercises related to back care and pain to prevent complications.
  5. Understanding problems and interventions maintain change and prevent lapse in Cognitive.
  6. Behavioral Therapy.

Project (Poster and Oral Presentation, and Publications)

Poster Presentation

Clinician's Name(s)YearTitleEvent
Jamila Chemat, Fong SY, Lin SH, Kwan KM2001Quality Project: To Discharge Patient going for Lumbar Discetomy Within 24hrs Poster Presentation (PDF, 662KB) Annual Scientific Meeting National Health Care Group Singapore.
Jamila Chemat, Yu CS, Chan KF, Low YP, Li YH, Tan KK, A Tow, A Earnest2001Outcome Assessment In Patient with Back Pain (PDF, 1.3MB) Annual Scientific Meeting National Health Care Group Singapore.

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